About Us

We have been working with wireless tour guide systems since 2009 when we introduced this technology to the Polish market. The idea and implementation were born out of love for tourism and the desire to improve it.

Many years of experience in tourism have allowed us to include the devices most suited to market trends, needs and requirements of our customers in our offer, which is why today we offer the most technologically advanced- digital equipment on the market, which eliminates any sound interference.

The tour guide system is used for wireless voice transmission. It is used at various types of meetings, presentations, training sessions and conferences using individual receivers to convey audio information. Our offer also includes event service, rental and sale of a sound system. We are a Polish company built on Polish capital.

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The Oltravel system is dedicated to a wide range of people who using the human voice as the basic tool for transmitting information, want to reach the largest group of people.

Oltravel systems are particularly used by guides, tourist pilots, presenters, trainers and translators working in various places: from facilities requiring peace and quiet, e.g. museums to production halls, where noise levels significantly impede verbal communication. By using our devices, we significantly increase the comfort of work for both the leader and the recipients.

Our competences and experience result in cooperation with many companies outside the tourist industry.

Our clients are production companies, conference facilities, foundations dealing with audio-description and translation offices (simultaneous interpreting). Our technical facilities allow us to support both large one-off projects and permanent long-term cooperation.

We can boast of high quality equipment and services related to rental. All sets offered by our company meet the standards of the “New Approach” directives and are marked with the CE mark.