The Tour Guide wireless system is the perfect solution for tour leaders, guides and listeners, making sightseeing more efficient and convenient.

We offer a sound system which is great for wandering around the city and in enclosed spaces.

  • more efficient sightseeing
  • clear and effective communication
  • comfortable show rounds and sightseeing – no need for attendees to be by the guide’s side at all times
  • saving the vocal cords of the guide
  • certainty that all important information will reach visitors
  • light, small equipment with a built-in battery
  • the ability to connect an external audio source
  • long battery life- up to 36 hours
  • range up to 200 m

The set consists of a transmitter with a microphone for a tour guide and receivers with headphones for listeners. It is a perfect solution in places where raising your voice is not welcome, but also in places where noise makes it impossible to transfer information.

It works great in museums, religious buildings and monuments. The system ensures excellent information reception in virtually any place, ensuring comfort for guides.


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