More and more establishments allow group tours only using the tour guide system.

  • certainty that essential  information will reach visitors
  • 20 groups can be shown at the same time
  • vocal chords saving for guide
  • digital sound quality
  • no interference
  • long battery life (36h  continuously)
  • saving time of participants
  • comfortable show rounds and sightseeing – no need for attendees to be side by side with the guide at all times)
  • range up to 200m
  • the ability to connect an external audio equipment
  • small, light and easy to use devices

The basic reason for using this solution is the need to maintain order and silence so as not to disturb the peace of other visitors.

Oltravel devices operate on 20 channels, which means that 20 groups can simultaneously visit a given object without disturbing each other.

We invite all museums to cooperate, we offer both long-term rental and sale of the tour guide system.

keeping silence and order while sightseeing


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